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How To Become An Internet Sensation- 6 Amazing Tips

A dream that millions dream of- How to become an internet sensation? Is it that easy? Then why isn’t everyone famous as a YouTuber or an Instagrammer. Read on to discover tips to become an internet sensation.

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Internet Sensation Meaning-Who is an Internet Sensation?

A person is said to be an internet sensation when he/she gets popular on the internet. This is mainly through social media platforms. When audiences on these platforms feel excited, interested or appreciate his/her contribution through images, videos, comments and other related ideas- the person becomes a sensation.

Not just people, any piece of news can become a sensation. So, any news that spreads via the Internet and reaches a wide audience creating a high level of enthusiasm – is an ‘internet sensation. ‘

7 Amazing Ways To Become An Internet Sensation

Well, you have an internet connection. Don’t just while away your time following others. Even you can be an internet sensation. To be an online celebrity is easier than you think. Just a few smart moves and you will have your dream come true.

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Do what you are good at. Take ideas but do not copy. Be unique and you will win hearts.

1. Record Something Really Funny

Everybody is looking for some funny element. This is the era of memes. So, if you can get some funny clip or images on the internet, you can be internet famous as well.

For instance- In May 2007, a video of two British children Charlie and Harry went viral. Their father uploaded this video where the younger adorable 1-year old bites his brother Harry’s finger, causing Harry to cry. This funny and adorable video clip gained 870 Million views and became a sensation.

2. Get Into Some Random Drama

Drama. Drama. And Drama. The world loves some drama. So, if you can get into some random fight or create some bizarre situations and not forget to get it recorded, you can gain millions of views.

3. Be A Makeup Artist/Hairstylist

Although this will take some time, there are innumerable people out there who got famous through their makeup or hairstyling videos. So, the wait is worth it. Don’t be dismayed, however. Just put in your best. Try to create something different and attractive at the same time and you can be a sensation in no time.

4. Sing! If You Are Good At It

Just singing isn’t sufficient. You have to be really good. Not just good but smart at using tricks. Do some mashups, add some effects, club your own videos. Create a different content and that is the key to your success.

5. Create Some Cute Relationship Goals Videos/ Images

Catch hold of your partner. Get some twining dresses. Create #Relationship_Goals and you will find heart-eye emojis flooding your comments section. To add some more fire to it, you can caption it with some newly released song. Once your posts click others, you will have innumerable fans going gaga over you and your significant other.

6. Do Keyword Research

Internet works on keywords. Therefore, no matter what platform you are using, in order to get famous, you must do your keyword research.

Keywords are the terms that people search for and when you add them to your video/posts you enhance your chances of becoming a sensation.
On YouTube, Instagram, Facebook-almost on every social media platform your keywords help you get ranked and thus get famous.

How to become internet famous on Instagram

Here are some tips to become internet famous on Instagram-

  • Firstly, do some keyword research on hashtags.
  • Target the most sensational hashtags.
  • Inspire your audience with your content.
  • Create a striking profile and bio.
  • To create a spark keep give away gifts.
  • Add lifestyle pictures.
  • Post more photos.
  • Try affiliate marketing to gain views.
  • Engage with your followers. Don’t just like- Comment.

How to be famous on YouTube.

Instead of covering a variety of topics, stay focussed to one. Ensure that your videos revolve around a single keyword/topic.

  • Categorize your videos. For instance, if you choose to upload makeup videos, you can create categories like-
    • evening makeup videos
    • Summer makeup idea
    • Quick makeup tricks and hacks
  • Shoot 5+ minute videos for YouTube. Keep the shorter ones for Instagram.
  • Include keywords in your titles. Make use of hashtags.
  • Use keywords in the video file name.
  • Write your descriptions well. Mention your keyword in the first 25 words of your description and use it 2-3 times in a 250 words description.
  • Use tags.
  • Share your videos on other social media platforms.

So, these were a few ideas on how to become an internet sensation. For more such amazing tips, stay connected to Mobiguru.

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