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Top 10 Jobs Affected By Coronavirus Pandemic

Unemployment, reduced work hours, fallouts, pay cuts, closed offices, hard-hit industries. The world faced a set back ever since the tiny virus played its game. Here are the top 10 jobs affected by coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to major losses in various industries. However, these losses were not equally felt by all industries. Innumerable people became jobless in no time as nations announced lockdown while some continued or even enhanced their businesses. The immediate impact of the covid-19 shutdown is striking both in its magnitude and its speed. Check out the most affected jobs due to corona.

Jobs Affected By CoronaVirus

According to the U.S Labor Department, 20.5 million lost their jobs in the month of April 2020. The unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.7%. This conditioned prevailed for months. Even today several sectors are struggling to survive in prevailing pandemic conditions. Furthermore, the current depleting financial scenario threatens the very existence of these industries.

1. Tourists Transportation

Percentage Decline -62.1%

Jobs affected by coronavirus include Tourists Transportation as well. The Sightseeing Transportation sector was adversely hit. In the United States, activities like boat tours, buses or off-road adventures closed down. In a matter of 2 months, i.e. from February to April jobs in this sector fell down by 62.1%.

2. Dental Clinics

Percentage Decline – 53.3%

dentists in Covid-19 times jobs Affected By Coronavirus jobs affected by coronavirus Top 10 Jobs Affected By Coronavirus Pandemic dentist in coronavirus

When the prime of the hour was to cover one’s mouth, many regarded visiting a dentist was like welcoming viruses. The dental clinics that were open to patients dismissed most of their staff members. In many states, nearly half of the jobs in dentist offices disappeared as coronavirus pandemic broke out.

3. Bars and Restaurants

Percentage Decline – 48.1%

There was a time when bars and restaurants were completely shut down in most of the nations. All bartenders, waiter, waitresses, restaurant staff lost their jobs.

jobs affected by coronavirus Top 10 Jobs Affected By Coronavirus Pandemic Restaurant in Corona times

Some bars and restaurant owners tried to stay afloat but they again had to cut short the list of those on staff. The jobs fell by 48.1% in this sector.

4. Theatres and Cinema Halls

Percentage Decline – 45.4%

jobs affected by coronavirus Top 10 Jobs Affected By Coronavirus Pandemic Theatres in Corona pandemic

The governments announced that the theatres will remain shut in the very beginning of the coronavirus spread. All those who worked in cinema halls became unemployed. With no audiences to see performances, it certainly meant that the cast and crew who create content and deliver performances on stage and screen were out of work. In this industry, some jobs affected by coronavirus were temporary were some loses became permanent.

5. Clothing Store

Percentage Decline – 40%

People deemed clothing and accessories stores nonessential. In this industry, jobs fell down drastically in between February to April in 2020. A number of clothing companies filed for bankruptcy.

jobs affected by coronavirus Top 10 Jobs Affected By Coronavirus Pandemic Clothing stores in corona pandemic

Therefore, clothing stores witnessed a loss both economically and in the number of workers.

6. Amusement Parks

Amusement parks were a big no in the pandemic conditions. Who would go around sanitizing these large areas? Therefore, the governments announced their shutdown. This led to a loss of jobs in this area. From ticket distributors to guides to those operating swings all went jobless in this period of difficulty. Still, the conditions aren’t normal for those working in amusement parks.

7. Sales Workers

During the lockdown period of the coronavirus, the governments announced that only those selling essential items could open stores. Furthermore, they could open stores only for a limited period of time-for certain fixed hours of the day. This again added to the list of jobs affected by coronavirus pandemic.

8. Laundry and Personal Services

Personal services were the jobs affected most by covid 19. This category incorporated a large number of occupations such as food servers, janitors, sweepers, security guards etc. So, the employers dismissed those in on-site duties or face-to-face interactions. Furthermore, temporary shutdowns/lockdowns also made it difficult for such workers to perform their job duties, to reach out to destinations.

9. Sports Venues and Stadiums

Experts suggest that large sporting events are unlikely to return until the coronavirus pandemic ends. So, empty stadiums and sporting venues led to the loss of jobs. From players to maintenance workers of these areas, all had to stay back home. Even when these venues came back in use after lockdown, the administration allowed fewer people.

10. Construction Workers

Engineering jobs affected by covid. Labourers affected. The vastness of coronavirus engulfed the construction industry as well. From a labourer to qualified engineers all had their jobs at stake as no construction was being done. Although, it is difficult to precisely point out the magnitude of withdrawal from the labour market, but it is potentially large.

These were the top 10 jobs affected by coronavirus pandemic. Many more industries were under influence too. The conditions are restoring but at a very slow pace. The effect of Covid-19 is vast. Normalcy is expected only when the pandemic fades away.

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