What is computer system security ?

Computer system security also known as cyber security, Information Technology security (IT security). It is the protection of computer system from various types of hackers or unauthenticated users which works for damaging your device. Computer system security basically means ensuring the security of both the components of computer system.
1) Hardware.
2) Software.

There are number of steps to be taken for ensuring the computer system security.

  • Regular Updation of software.
  • Use of outer device.
  • Use of Strong password.
  • Use of Antivirus.
  • Use of firewall.
  • Regular Updation of software – Software that are used for doing a particular task must be updated regularly, so that any type of malicious attack does not cause harm to your computer system.
  • Use of outer devices – The device that is beyond your knowledge must be used in a secured way. For instance if you are using an outer device you must have good quality antivirus, firewall installed on your computer system.
  • Use of strong password – 1) Password must be a mixture of alphabet, numerical values and special characters. 2) Password must not be shared to unknown people. 3) Connecting with unknown network. 4) The network that are unknown, you must be connected to these type of networks, if you are have in VPN, firewall installed on your computer.
  • Use of Antivirus – Use of good quality antivirus that suspend the working of virus as well as deleting the folder that contain the virus and also gives information to the concern user.
  • Use of firewall – A firewall that monitor the every traffic entering into the system and also check destination as well as source address it also analysis and if it finds a particular message in the history and the same node request for reconnection then firewall allowed it to be connective.

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